Thursday, 19 November 2009


Well i have been neglecting the blog a bit lately !!! Understatement!!!!!
Crafting time has been extremely limited with other lie stuff getting in the way as normal, but worse than that i have had my craft room taken over by the kitchen...yes the kitchen!

we are having a new fitted kitchen put in and it is a total nightmare. i have had no kitchen from last Friday and have little Chance of it being sorted until late next week. the walls have been knocked down, the boiler moved and the house has all be re-wired at the same time - bad planning!!!

so due to the building work i have things stacked in every room in the house and have had no heating all week (just as the weather gets cold - typical!!

i an missing my craft space and my pc as i cant get into my office / craft room and all my favorite stash is in the car as there is no room left in the house. BOY I NEED TO DO SOME CRAFTING need to relieve the stress

ope to return to normal soon, ill keep you posted xx

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