Saturday, 30 August 2008

More Cards

Finished a few more cards this weekend and a scrap page of my garden. my garden is only slightly bigger than a postage stamp...but at least it doesn't take too long to mow it !!!

oh and by the way, I'm a bit fed up this week as the local kids have knocked a hole in the back of my garage!!! ... best go and cheer myself up with a spot of crafting...LOL

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Circle Journal

I received the next Circle Journal in the post yesterday morning and had to get to it straight away...

It is a beautiful album all themed around fantasy and fairies. I must admit I'm not into fairies...sorry to those of you that are.. so i thought i would do my page on Witches...well you get Witches in fairy tales too !!! LOL

You may notice tat the Witches are from Wicked....the best musical ever !!! and the word are from the song that they sing together at the end....makes me cry ...LOL

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Answer to questions...

a couple of you have asked if the word books were bought / or where i got them from...

I designed and made them myself using the cricut design studio software and the cricut expressions to cut them out

The "Harry" book is bound using a crop-a-dile to punch the holes and bind it all wire, and the "Abbi" book is bound with the bind it all...hope this helps :O)

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Messy Crafter

yes i am a messy crafter....LOL

been making 1st birthday cards and it looks like there has been a pink explosion !!!

and yes... another word book

Sunday, 17 August 2008

New Blog!!!

I have started a second blog!!!!

This other blog is all to do with help and advice about NVQ and Health and Social Care, if this is of any interest to you then you can find it at

not much on it get but hopefully it will grow and be of some use to someone xx

Saturday, 16 August 2008

This weekends Scrapping..

well had a bit of a creative spurt with the scrapping yesterday, i love the 'Steam' page.. reminds me of family holidays, Dad always had to go to a steam / transport museum !!!

The High Flyer was from Scrap booking Club on Wednesday and as you can see i made the steam page with the left overs...... ooh very frugal!!!! LOL

Another one made with the left overs from the 'Double Trouble page last month' ....... steady on all this using up stuff, normally it sits in a pile till it drives me mad then i bin it!!!!! does this count as I going green!!??!!.... best have a lay down !!! LOL

6 X 6 Swaps done and sent...

Finally finished the 6x6 pages and sent them on there way last week the theme this month was Holidays.....

This one is of me when i was 16 and had just finished school, my friend and I what camping for the week in near Dymchurch......good times!!!!
You may recognise this pic from a previous posting as this was the cottage that hubby and i stayed at earlier this year for out wedding anniversary.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Lets Get Crafting!!!

have been very slow on the crafting lately :O( think it because the weather has been hot ant i don't do well in the sun...i am most definitely a winter person!!!!

well as it has been a wet weekend .... have managed to get some done.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

"I'm not dead yet!!!!"

Just a quick post as i have been neglecting the blog... as normal have taken on to much work and other commitments thinking that i can manage it all...WRONG!!!

Went into London last Saturday with hubby to see Spamalot, it was fantastic laughed all the way through.

been a bit low on the craft side of life as its been so busy I've been to tiered to be creative... got a bit of crafters block :O(

feel a weekend of craft coming on..........