Sunday, 31 January 2010

And the clear out continues....

Well this weekend is the second round of the grand sort out in the craft room, a job I wish I never started!!!!!

Its not going to bad, I do at last feel like I'm making progress but still finding it hard to get rid of stuff... I may not of used it for 5 years but you know if you get rid you will want it next week!

now have a pile for nursery, pile for Bethany, pile for Nicky / activity club, and pile for e-bay

best sort out my piles then !!!!!!! LOL

but amongst all the chaos I did manage to finish the page I started on Wednesday at club

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Wednesday once more!!! so soon!!! so here is my Wednesday work desk, not a great deal going on, I thought I best finish the mini book I started over a year ago, and i have been making my own magic mesh with plasterers tape and marker cant beat a bit of messiness!

Oh and Johnny again of cause!

pop over to the Stamping Ground to have a look around other crafty desks this Wednesday xx

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Good Weekend

Had a fab weekend, big thanks to Claire and Tracie for squeezing me in at the last min and under a false name!!!! Wanted to surprise Stef Marie and everyone and i think it worked! Stefs face was a picture as I arrived in Coventry yesterday morning for the crop... was a bit of a drive but was worth every mile xx

So here is what I managed to produce between the chatting, hope everyone has a good week xx

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Must be time for bed!

Just posted today's the wrong blog !!! LOL !!!

ops - its on The Mill Pond if you would like a read and peek at the layout, soz !! it definitely must be time to go to bed, night night xx

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Whats On Your Workspace Wednesday ( aka - WOYWW!!!!)

The idea is you post a pick of your desk / workspace each Wednesday and leave a comment on Stamping Ground to link back to where it started - sounds like fun, and you can then see how much of a mess we all get into each week and who is a tidy crafter (if there is such a thing!)

the fabby talented Dee has been doing this for a wile and I must admit that I look at her desk and it always looks like she is creating something fantastic and making me a teeny bit jealous!

so here is my WOYWW - and no surprises its johnny!!!!

now I know what your thinking - that's a bit too tidy!!!! but I have just hidden everything under and around the desk............

and as you can see Johnny has hidden the bits I am working on! Better luck next week x
Why not show us WOYWW !

Mr Tesco has been!!!

Last week I had a total disaster with Asda home delivery, I'm not going to go into it as it is a bit of a Victor Meldrew rant and I think I am in danger of turning into my dad !!!!.....BUT they cancelled my order and didn't let me know, then they said they would pick it and I could collect but when I tyred to do this they told me no-can-do as we have sent the pickers home - so I told them knickers and went to Salisbury's

So this week I went to Tesco online and all went to plan and shopping arrived on time - its not hard is it? Well it is if your Asda!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Delish Designs

I just love the Delish Designs papers and products, they always look very classic and suit so many different photo from heritage to modern. So loving the papers in this kit I thought it would be a good one for some of my wedding picks - and with some safmat I added a smoochy quote to finish off - ahrrr !!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and didn't stress too much over the holidays!!

well with all that time off over Christmas i still didn't manage to scrap any of Christmas 2009 - but i did do Christmas 2001, think there is a bit to catch up on then !!!