Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Wednesday once more!!! so soon!!! so here is my Wednesday work desk, not a great deal going on, I thought I best finish the mini book I started over a year ago, and i have been making my own magic mesh with plasterers tape and marker cant beat a bit of messiness!

Oh and Johnny again of cause!

pop over to the Stamping Ground to have a look around other crafty desks this Wednesday xx


Wipso said...

Wow what a brilliant idea going on with the tape. I must get some and have a go. We have had lots here and I've never thought to use it for crafing. Thanks for sharing.
If you'd like to pop over to our new blog shop there is a Gift draw going on so you might like to join in. Good luck.

A x

Deanne said...

ooooh i'll be havin some of that there tape when i see ya!!!! :) very productive desk and of course johnny looking gorgeous as ever :)

Julia Dunnit said...

Very inspiring desk there..the tape is're in the same category as my sister then, colouring your own stuff...impressively patient. Is Johnny the most unlikely name for a cat? I think so!! He's gorgeous.

Paula Gale said...

another desk with a feline visitor on... I love it.

Paula x x x

Anonymous said...

The tape idea is brilliant! And you can make it in all the colours of the rainbow. Johnny is sweet, does he ever get covered in glitter or paint?