Sunday, 27 April 2008


am very annoyed!!!......

have been marking some of my NVQ students assignments and found two bits of work that are identical....word for word!!!!!!


Do they think i am stupid!!!!!

......feel better now i have had a rant...back to the marking.

Pages from the crop

I had a great day yesterday at Karen's Crop (Total Papercrafts) so a huge thanks to Karen for a lovely day and for greats page designs as always ...

Susie has some blog candy up for grabs....

quick post to let you all know that the lovely Susie B has some gorgeous blog candy up for grabs so if you fancy a look here's the link... good luck to all xx

Saturday, 26 April 2008


just a quickie post, off to another all day crop today so will hopefully have some pics to post tonight.......

still haven't had chance to do the planed project, but i have procrastinated the uni assignment to the point of critical again so it may have to go on hold for a couple more weeks :O( ...never mind will soon be over and it will be crafting all the way to Christmas ...yikes!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

The Weekend is here at last!!!!

welcome to the weekend ... time to get crafting, have started by making a few cards last night....

have a new project in mind for this weekend, but may not get time to do this space...LOL

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Finished at Last!!!!

Have just finished my circle journal to send out, first time I have done this so am hoping I have done it right!!!

Here are a few picks of it before it goes off to the mercy of the British postal service....

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Another weekend over....

...and still no uni work done, Doh !!!

you just know i am going to end up doing it the night before hand in day!!!

On A Snowy Day......Fresh Spring Cards

Just a few of this weekends cards, still have some to make for the order thats due by the end of the week...have all the male cards to do now, i'm not to good at thoes... thats why i left them till last!!!!

Saturday, 5 April 2008

A new Award.....

Introducing the ALL NEW " Such a Star" award !!!

I have received loads of lovely awards from all you lovely people over the last few weeks and I am having trouble keeping up... in fact I have totally lost track!!!

so... as I know I will be hopeless at trying to catch up I thought that I would be original and award the "Such a Star" award to the following people... because they make me laugh, inspire me, cheer me up, remind me who I am, produce stunning works of art and are all round great guys !!!!

I really do mean that xx

so the award goes to....

Martine - The craft table

couple of other crafty ladies that deserve the award...

Louise (pink puppy)


both ladies from the CB forum that don't have a blog but are in need of recognition for their greatness xx

I Picked The Winner!!!!!!

...feeling very smug as i picked the winner and the second place horse in the Grand National today!!!

Picked Comply or Die as it was the only horse with a crafty name...LOL