Thursday, 24 December 2009

last of the bakeing done!

Finally finished baking, all done now .... Christmas, bring it on !!!!!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

more Christmas yummies!

to go with the marzipan fruits to send everyone into a diabetic coma this Christmas i have been making another family fave.

these chocolate biscuits / cakes are full of all the things that are not good for the figure! - Brown sugar, butter, treacle, chocolate....etc!!! and in our family it has always been named "Jimmy Young" not because its made from old radio 2 presenters!!! LOL but because that's where the recipe came from and no one wrote down the name of it!

and as i have been into cooking this week i also made a few Christmas muffins packed full of cranberries and blueberries - yummy x

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas is.....

...Marzipan fruits

Well as i seam to be snowed-in a bit today i thought i would catch up on a bit more Christmas prepping xx

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Well Christmas has finally arrived at our little home, i have now put up the tree done some shopping (not all !!) and the wreath is on the door i admit i still have loads to do but am staring to feel a bit christmasy.

supposed to be out finishing the Christmas shopping today but the snow overnight may have put a stop to that - will have to see what the roads are like latter - fingers crossed.

and to really start the Christmas season this little angel had her nursery nativity play yesterday

Saturday, 12 December 2009

First Christmas laout

Well of the list of things to do today i have not accomplished much lol!!!

... but I have done a layout x

Happy Holidays!!!

Well I think today is the day to start to get a bit Christmassy!!! I have been a bar-Humbug up till now with the attitude that Christmas this year will be miserable... have now come to the conclusion that is i don't make the effort then YES it will be miserable!!!

SO...... today i will be making cards, marzipan fruits, making Christmas biscuits, and poss a Christmas layout or two! I will not be putting the tree up yet as I will get fed up with it by Christmas eve so i might do that at the end of the week, and to really kick off the Christmas season tonight i will be going to the Christmas party at church and tomorrow is the first carol concert of the season (pity the person standing next to me as i cant hold a tune in a bucket!!!!)
sneak peek......
The good news is the kitchen is all finished (at last) and i t is great to be able to get back in there and do some cooking and as i now have twice the cupboards i had i can now have all the gadgets to hand - bring on the pasta maker LOL

and can you spot Johnny in the photo... he seams to have found a new place to sleep!

We also had i last scrap club of the year this week, along with the Christmas treats like sausage rolls and mice pies we had a bit of a scrap pass the parcel (well pass the page actually) we all started a page and then after a few mins we had to pass it on to the next person so we all had an impute on each others work!!!!!! we stuck to the theme of black white and read so it didn't get to scary... this is what my page looked like at the end of the evening, i will prob tweak it a bit and change a few things but it turned out not to bad really!