Thursday, 31 January 2008

Race for Life

At the end of 2006 I lost my Dad to lung Cancer in the space of 5 weeks, it was such a shock and a very emotional time. I was really close to my dad and miss him every day.
last year i thought i would do something to help others with this terrible disease, and that would i hope have made him proud.

I decided to take part in the race for life and ran 5K to raise sponsorship, I had great fun training for the event and on the day, even though it was raining all the way, I had a wonderfull experience and met many amassing women with there own inspiring story. i raised just under £1,000.00

I have signed up again this year and thought this would be a great place to ask for support!!!! I don’t expect you all to dig deep and sponsor me ( but if you would like to that would be great!!!) I would just like you all to wish me luck or even think about entering a race your self .......... for someone you love X.

here is the link for the web site...... go on sign up today, made a deference please XXX

I have set up an on-line sponsor page through the race for life site if any one wants to sponsor me, this is the link:

Thanks Guys xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2008


Well after being a complete grumpy bum because the stuff I ordered hadn't turned up, it all finally arrived this week. I am the proud new owner of a cricut expression and design studio, it is GREAT!!!

I haven't had much of a chance to play yet but have had a little go and finished of a couple of projects. The space i made for it in the newly revamped craft room was perfect, fits just right!!! big thanks to Karen at Totalpapercraft for ordering in and all the help and advice..........Karen your a star.x

New phone finally arrived good week all round then.

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Well, i still have the nice big space in the craft room waiting for my new toy to be put in it!!! still hasn't arrived...i need to be less inpatient! but i have a couple of projects that i would like to finish off using the new toy.

i had very good intentions of doing some work for uni this weekend as well as catching up on some work for the day job....haven't done any of that!!!

this is what i have been doing....................CRAFT!!! made mini book and worked out how to put on slide show!!!

3D card competition!!!

hi there to everyone on the CB craft forum!!!!!
i have been having a bit of go at the craft chat thing and it is very addictive!! i was supposed to be doing some work this weekend but have done nothing but Craft!!! oh well.

have posted my craft challenge card hear as couldn't get it to up load on the forum, hope this works..............

Monday, 14 January 2008

Well the weekend is over its raining and it s Monday - how cheerful is that!!! The weekend wasn't bad, spent all day Saturday installing surround sound to the telly, as you can imagine this was a total nightmare. The DVD works on surround now but not the TV or the PlayStation, apparently i need some other leads. This is all very well but the back of the telly looks like a huge bowl of electrical spaghetti as it is, never mind adding 2 more leads.

I am still waiting for my new craft toy to arrive and i am like an impatient child - is it here yet, is it here yet, is it here yet- i have to check my e-mail at least every 1/2 hour to see if it's in yet!

This weekend I booked tickets to go and see WICKED for the second time, my friend and I went last September and it was great, we are so excited that we are going again and we may even dress up as sad is that!!!!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Craft Room Re-Vamp!!!

Well I am obviously such a bad blogger!! no entry for months.......poor show. Well i won't try and catch up as that would take forever and would be very boring.

The new year project was to rid the craft room of transformers wall paper!! It has been up for so many years it had come back in to fashion (well with 5 year old boys anyway). As I don't have any five year old boys I thought it was time for it to go!!!

Anyway, it is all done now and I have nice clean - not boring- magnolia walls and all the craft stash is safely put away. As you can see i had some help from Johnny!!! he didn't get covered in too much paint...LOL

I now have a space ready for my new toy to arrive........Cricut Expressions. I have spent far to much money and ordered the Cricut machine with my Christmas bonus, oh well have to wear the Christmas jumper and turn off the heating to save on the bills instead!!! All good Fun.