Monday, 14 January 2008

Well the weekend is over its raining and it s Monday - how cheerful is that!!! The weekend wasn't bad, spent all day Saturday installing surround sound to the telly, as you can imagine this was a total nightmare. The DVD works on surround now but not the TV or the PlayStation, apparently i need some other leads. This is all very well but the back of the telly looks like a huge bowl of electrical spaghetti as it is, never mind adding 2 more leads.

I am still waiting for my new craft toy to arrive and i am like an impatient child - is it here yet, is it here yet, is it here yet- i have to check my e-mail at least every 1/2 hour to see if it's in yet!

This weekend I booked tickets to go and see WICKED for the second time, my friend and I went last September and it was great, we are so excited that we are going again and we may even dress up as sad is that!!!!

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