Wednesday, 29 October 2008


What a scream!!! Went along to the local Halloween attraction last night, i thought that it would be a bit naff, you know a few dangley skeletons and dodgey lighting.....

Well to stat with it was PACKED, "terror trailer rides" round the woods where people jump out at you, and a mad man running around with a chain saw!!!!!!!!

A "spooky castle" a bit like the fun house at the fair but pitch dark with people chasing you round!!!!!!!! Lots of screaming and not to mention the corn maze, which i have to say if you have ever watched children of the corn is not good!!!

I don't think i have laughed so much in years!!!! What a hoot!!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

One Short Day... in the Emerald City !!!!

Had a WICKED day today !!!

Been into London for the day with best mate Gina to the "Wicked Day". went last year and picked up loads of free stuff.... you know, pens and shit! this year was very busy and not so much fee stuff :O( but did manage to get 4 canvas bags that are the perfect scrap booking size.. just over 12 X 12 !!!

Had a good wander round before getting the train home, i live so close to London and hardly ever go there, why is it you take for granted the things you have close to home?? It was a great day spending time with a friend, and in the words of a song from the show.... , "Just two good Friends sharing one wonderful, one short day! "

Oh and i got some wicked (LOL) nail polish to match my favorite shoes!!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bitten By the Bug

I Stumbled across this blog in the week, it is fantastic!!! tons of ideas for the good old Cricut and looks like a weekly challenge ( i love a good challenge ...LOL)

Anyway I have linked the blog on the challenge links on my page if you want to have a lookie. This weeks challenge is to use the Tree Card Cut on the Joys of the Season cartridge, so here is my card......

Friday, 24 October 2008

6 X 6 Vintage

just a quick post of a 6 X 6...

the children are my grandmothers brothers and sisters, taken in 1909.

all held together with a frame cut by the Cricut and a couple of brads... so I will sent it to Steph for her no adhesive challenge!!!!!!

hope you like, thanks for looking xx

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Rosie -Dee Challenge

Challenge this week was to make a card using Christmas patented papers... great because i love Christmas card making!!! much more fun than birthdays :O)

Check out Rosie Dee's here xx

Also finished a page for a vintage swap (hope the recipient wants a pic of my Great Great Grandmother!!!) This Lady was mother to twelve children and house keeper for Charles Dickens at his home in Gads Hill, Higham.

Off to have a go at Steph's Challenge to make a page with no adhesive... not nice Steph... LOL... !!!!

More Trees!!!

As per last posting i have a thing about trees right now.... ( I'm sure people have been sectioned for less !!!)
took this pic today of the magnificent tree outside my office....

And a Christmas card with (you guessed it) a TREE on it!!!!!

Beautiful Day

Yesterday i was lucky enough at lunch time to take a walk in the park between appointments, the sun was shining through the tress and it all looked fantastic... i love autumn and this year i think nature is really showing off!!!!

Being a scrapper i had my camera in my bay so here are a few pics (now on the list of things to scrap!)

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Bit Late...

Bit late in posting this one... its for Rosie - Dee's challenge (last week ) should have posted yesterday but forgot...Doh !!!

Poppicrafts Competition

One of my fave online shops have a competition running ... you can find it here - they have a fantastic prize up for grabs (some of their scrummy stash!)

hear is my entry, good luck to all who enter !!!

Happy Crafting xx

Rosie style Ribbons..LOL

I have finally finished sorting out my ribbon stash. before now some was shoved in a couple of draws, some in a ribbon book, some hanging in the wall, and some being chased around the room by the cat!

Inspired by Rossie last weekend I have spent the week organising, and got so excited ( carried away) that I sorted my buttons too...

Thursday, 16 October 2008

What a Weekend!!!!!!!!

I had a FANTASTIC time at the weekend with some of the nicest people i have ever met....i mean it guys you are all great xxx

Rosie your ribbons were an inspiration! (i have been sorting mine all week but still have tones to go)
all i can say is a huge WELL DONE to Steph for organising it all.....

photos off the weekend...

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Gone Dottie mad !!!

Well its been a Dottie day as you can see... this weeks challenge on Dotties world is... Love is...

well love is... Crafting..LOL

I ended up with four projects for this one, my fave has to be the " Love is ... Wicked ! " made from two old CDs that came in the paper. (well what with me being a big Wicked Fanatic... and wicked day in London just 2 weeks away)

Hope you like xx

Happy now !!

I put a few finishing touches to the Halloween booklet, I'm happy with it now!!!