Wednesday, 29 October 2008


What a scream!!! Went along to the local Halloween attraction last night, i thought that it would be a bit naff, you know a few dangley skeletons and dodgey lighting.....

Well to stat with it was PACKED, "terror trailer rides" round the woods where people jump out at you, and a mad man running around with a chain saw!!!!!!!!

A "spooky castle" a bit like the fun house at the fair but pitch dark with people chasing you round!!!!!!!! Lots of screaming and not to mention the corn maze, which i have to say if you have ever watched children of the corn is not good!!!

I don't think i have laughed so much in years!!!! What a hoot!!!


Crafty_Passions1995 said...

there is a little something on my blog for you :)

Jules said...

*peeks out from behind the sofa*
Is it safe to come out yet? Spooky stuff!