Monday, 25 February 2008

Fitness Freek

been out today to check out a local women only gym, looks really good and i so need to get back in shape...its all expanding from every angle!!!!!

this place is call curves and is all women members and machines and training program designed for women....think i might join...will keep you posted on haw it all goes.............oh and the weigh and measure you each month to see how your doing.....scary!!!!!!

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Not well bunny!!!

feel like crap!!!! i woke up yesterday with a cough like a coal miner and it has been getting steadily worse all weekend.....this is obviously due to the fact i now have a week of work!!!

i have been frezzing cold one minit and bakeing the next and my head feels like there has been a small explosion in there!!!!

hoping it will pass tomorrow as i still need to produce 4000 words for college on tuesday!!!!!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons

had a great idea to organise the ribbon draw......a ribbon book!!!!

went well until i realised that i would need to make a lot more books, as when i had filled the book the draw still looked like this....................!!!!


Was feeling a bit run down this morning.... you know fed up, tierd, and a bit of a cold coming (just in time for my holiday!!) ...... AND THEN ...the post came and i was totaly suprised to recive this beautiful gift from Juels.........

Jules you are great ... dont ever forget that x

And as if this wasnt enough i then opened another letter to recive more beautiful works of art.

thank you Natalie, I love it xx. I must get crafting now that you have both inspierd me x

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Bussy Weekend Crafting!!!

Have been bussy today makeing new mini album, not got any pics in yet but constrution complete!!!
made with chipboard pages (cut on the Cricut)covered with papers, and has extra hidden pull out pages!!!
bound with ring wire, in holes cut with crop-a-dial. must say this isnt my design....all credit to Karen of Total Papercraft.

also been making ATCs and a bookmark for the CB forum swop

also made made another page for the scrapbook.......

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Scrapbooking Crop

had a great time at the crop this weekend...........karen did so well with organising and teaching and just everything, and to top it all there was CAKE too!!!

Imade 4 layouts on the day and came way with some lovery new stach and a project to complete...when i get time (LOL).

these are the picks of my pages.........and the stach!!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Getting Excited Now!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I am getting all excited now about the weekend............I'm of to an all day crop!!

12 hours of scrapbooking fun... have aready planed what to take for lunch...LOL.

I have booked in for some great classes, and word has it there will be FREE make and takes too. just need to get the tool kit together (never know what to pack -its like going on holiday!) and sort out some photos..............hooooray for Karen at, these days are always great fun even if I am totaly shatered when i get home!

but for now i gues I'll have to curb my excitment and get through the rest of the week at work....bummer

Sunday, 3 February 2008

This Weeks Cards

made a couple of cards this week that i have been asked for, the two oriental ones were made with free gifts that i recived in the Janruary Crafts Beautiful mag- thanks CBx

Crafting for Kids

A few weeks ago i was aked if i could do a scrapbook day for some of the children at church.......first thoughts were this is going to be a nightmear!!!!!

Thought long and hard about what to do and then came up with the idea to get them making mini books, thought there wasnt much point in doing scrap book pages as they wouldnt have anywhere to put them.

Well the day arived yesterday and off I went armed with paper, card, tools and sissors!!!!

A great time was had by all !!!! (even me) the kids were brilliant they all really got into it and made some great books to use as albums, note books, journals, or whatever they want to.

Some of them weren't able to make yeaterday and after they saw what the others had made they all pleaded my to do another day........and thoes that had attended wanted to do it again!!!

I was so suprised as most of them were there we go a new generation of male crafters.....LOL (think it was because i let lem use the tools...............bind-it-all, crop-a-dial, Cricut.............all men like tools!!!!!)

I've Been Tagged!!!!

Ok not to sure if i am doing this right...........i have been taged by now i have to tagg 7 others!!!! so here goes then........

If I have tagged you here is what to do -

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My 7 things-

  1. My favorite film is the Holy Grail (or is it The Lost Boys - i can't decide!!!)

  2. I like reading

  3. I enjoy walking

  4. I teach a Sunday school class

  5. I have a sister

  6. my favorite show is Wicked the musical

  7. I once had a cat with only 3 legs!!!

i have tagged these great blogers!!!

Hope i did this right!!!!