Sunday, 3 February 2008

Crafting for Kids

A few weeks ago i was aked if i could do a scrapbook day for some of the children at church.......first thoughts were this is going to be a nightmear!!!!!

Thought long and hard about what to do and then came up with the idea to get them making mini books, thought there wasnt much point in doing scrap book pages as they wouldnt have anywhere to put them.

Well the day arived yesterday and off I went armed with paper, card, tools and sissors!!!!

A great time was had by all !!!! (even me) the kids were brilliant they all really got into it and made some great books to use as albums, note books, journals, or whatever they want to.

Some of them weren't able to make yeaterday and after they saw what the others had made they all pleaded my to do another day........and thoes that had attended wanted to do it again!!!

I was so suprised as most of them were there we go a new generation of male crafters.....LOL (think it was because i let lem use the tools...............bind-it-all, crop-a-dial, Cricut.............all men like tools!!!!!)

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