Saturday, 26 June 2010

Well it has been a bit non stop on the job hunting and filling in application forms for the last couple of weeks so not to much crafting been going on here! But I have managed a couple of bits and bobs.....

Willow flower... not quite a basket but its a start!!!!

Double page of some holiday snaps on Bodmin Moor, based on a design by Karen and using the club kit.

On the subject of the job... went for a care job on Friday for some work until things get sorted, the lovely lady interviewing me was a bit concerned that I was more qualified than her!!!!! She said "you know this is a care workers position don't you?" and I assured her that I did and would love the position!!!!
When I am teaching care workers I some times hear them say... "I'm just a care worker"... it really gets my back up!!! There is no such thing as 'JUST' a care worker... it is such an important job and NOT anyone can do it, If it was your mum or dad or child that needed a care worker you would want someone very special to do it, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry that just walked off the street!!!!!
Any way... got a letter this morning to offer me the job, so looking forward to doing some 'hands on' care again for a bit.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Job Hunt

On the job hunt :O( being made redundant at the end of the month so been updating CV and trawling through job sites and filling in application forms so not had much time for the crafting this week. sent off a couple of applications yesterday and a few more to do today then i think its time to have a little crafting time :O)

feeling quite optimistic at the moment on the job front so fingers crossed someone will want me LOL xx

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi there been a bit of time between posts as have been on holiday in sunny Cornwall and Somerset, I was quite ill when we were away but I have a track record on that when it comes to holidays!!!

So all back to normal and back to work tomorrow, so one last day of hols and I thought I would spend it in the craft room and catch up on a few projects, so here is my WOYWW...

the normal scrap projects going on and you may have also noticed the willow bundle in the corner as i thought i might have a go at making a basket ....don't hold your breath !!!!

don't forget to hop around and check out the other WOYWW blogs x

and a few holiday picks