Saturday, 26 June 2010

Well it has been a bit non stop on the job hunting and filling in application forms for the last couple of weeks so not to much crafting been going on here! But I have managed a couple of bits and bobs.....

Willow flower... not quite a basket but its a start!!!!

Double page of some holiday snaps on Bodmin Moor, based on a design by Karen and using the club kit.

On the subject of the job... went for a care job on Friday for some work until things get sorted, the lovely lady interviewing me was a bit concerned that I was more qualified than her!!!!! She said "you know this is a care workers position don't you?" and I assured her that I did and would love the position!!!!
When I am teaching care workers I some times hear them say... "I'm just a care worker"... it really gets my back up!!! There is no such thing as 'JUST' a care worker... it is such an important job and NOT anyone can do it, If it was your mum or dad or child that needed a care worker you would want someone very special to do it, not just any Tom, Dick, or Harry that just walked off the street!!!!!
Any way... got a letter this morning to offer me the job, so looking forward to doing some 'hands on' care again for a bit.


Deanne said...

congratulations honey on your new inbetween job :) cant wait to see the finished basket x

Lesley said...

good luck in your new job - I understand what you mean - care workers have a very important role - and should not refer to themselves as 'just'. My mum had care workers looking after her in her own home last year and some were very good, others not so - so yes you need to be a very special person to care for people - I'm sure you give exellent care to all those you meet best wishes Lesley x

stitchstickandsew said...

Woop Woop congrats Claire missed you yesterday love