Sunday, 29 November 2009

What I should be doing...and what I have been doing!!!

Well this weekend I have tons of work to catch up on, and really don't have any other time to do it...but I have rebelled and spent the day yesterday finishing off a couple of pages and faffing about as normal LOL

Well I now have to spend today with my head stuck in work till I am finished (prob midnight) oh well that's life!

The kitchen is still not finished and that's getting me down now, this is the third weekend with no kitchen and I have had he washing machine in the middle of the craft room all week so I couldn't get in there...withdrawal symptoms are setting in !

Friday, 27 November 2009

7 bis avenue Nicephore Collection

Hi there, being an extra good blogger this week to make up for the recent poor show !! LOL

Had a play with the fab new papers from Indigo mill the bright colours are not my normal choice so it was a bit out of the good old comfort zone...but that's good from time to time.

I couldn't work out what was not right with the photo of me, then hubby pointed out i had no glasses on. I just thought it was because I looked Young in the picture...LOL

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

UKS Mystery Kit

A couple more pages from the cyber crop.. These are the pages i made with the Craft Emporium Mystery Kit for the UKS challenge. I am not too sure Amy would be very impressed as this photo is a few years old now and face painting is not cool when your 16!

I must admit i was shocked when i looked at the voting on the MK pages and found i had come joint 2nd, big thanks to anyone that voted for my page xx

... and this one was made from the scraps left over ...

Monday, 23 November 2009

Earth Love

I love the new CosmoCricket Earth Love papers that have come out recently. I already used some of the papers in a page a few weeks back, then at Karen's Club this month i completed a double page layout with them (page designed by Claire Fader - beautiful as ever Claire xx)

...and fellow Indigo Mill DT member Tracie ( big wave to Tracie !!!) also designed with these papers for another UKS cyber crop class, so i had to make this page too.

This is the one i did a few weeks back ... and you may still find some of these papers here xx

Saturday, 21 November 2009


At last i have got some order back to the craft room, its been a week! also for the last 7 days i have had no kitchen but i can live with that but no craft room has been hell!

So having got back to normal (if only in one room) I managed to scan the pages I did last weekend for the cyber crop on UKS, did a few of the classes but didn't get to upload what with the kitchen and re-wire nightmare.

both these pages were classes on the cyber crop but i changed the colours to something that was more to my persona taste and went with the photos.
For the Handsome Cat page I used a mish mash of supplies : coordination's white wash for the base, Swiss dot bazzil, some MME laundry line and Daisy D's for the paper beads.
Proppa Funny was done with MME Laundry line plus a few scraps and the most gorgeous sparkly brads by Karen Foster Designs.
Thanks for looking and sorry for the craft famine that has been going on lately...normal service to resume shortly !! LOL xxx

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Well i have been neglecting the blog a bit lately !!! Understatement!!!!!
Crafting time has been extremely limited with other lie stuff getting in the way as normal, but worse than that i have had my craft room taken over by the kitchen...yes the kitchen!

we are having a new fitted kitchen put in and it is a total nightmare. i have had no kitchen from last Friday and have little Chance of it being sorted until late next week. the walls have been knocked down, the boiler moved and the house has all be re-wired at the same time - bad planning!!!

so due to the building work i have things stacked in every room in the house and have had no heating all week (just as the weather gets cold - typical!!

i an missing my craft space and my pc as i cant get into my office / craft room and all my favorite stash is in the car as there is no room left in the house. BOY I NEED TO DO SOME CRAFTING need to relieve the stress

ope to return to normal soon, ill keep you posted xx

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Some craft at last!!

At last i have managed to squeeze some time out to do a bit of crafting, its been ages!!!

What with work and life in general its been as mad as ever and i have just been craving time to sit and cut up paper!! last weekend was spent moving desks, cupboard and boxes as we moved offices, all moved in now and i must say that it was worth it, the new office is great.

Today i have been up at an obscene time for a Saturday and went to the dentist for an 8o'clock appointment! had more root treatment done and spent over 45 min in the dentist chair... just getting feeling back now.

We are getting a new kitchen fitted and i received a call yesterday to confirm when they are coming to start the work, to my complete shock they are coming in this coming Friday to gut my kitchen!!!!!!! they will be ripping everything out, re-wiring, knocking out walls and moving the boiler! i wont have a kitchen for over a week, and not to mention the fact that some time this week i have to empty the entire contents of the kitchen and find some non existent space to put it all for the duration!!!!! ... i am sure it will be worth it, but why next week!

so as i should be packing up the kitchen into boxes, and i really cant be doing with it today, i did this instead :O)
I used the Indigo Mill October kit "Harvest Moon" that i an ashamed to say i have only just taken out of the package x