Saturday, 7 November 2009

Some craft at last!!

At last i have managed to squeeze some time out to do a bit of crafting, its been ages!!!

What with work and life in general its been as mad as ever and i have just been craving time to sit and cut up paper!! last weekend was spent moving desks, cupboard and boxes as we moved offices, all moved in now and i must say that it was worth it, the new office is great.

Today i have been up at an obscene time for a Saturday and went to the dentist for an 8o'clock appointment! had more root treatment done and spent over 45 min in the dentist chair... just getting feeling back now.

We are getting a new kitchen fitted and i received a call yesterday to confirm when they are coming to start the work, to my complete shock they are coming in this coming Friday to gut my kitchen!!!!!!! they will be ripping everything out, re-wiring, knocking out walls and moving the boiler! i wont have a kitchen for over a week, and not to mention the fact that some time this week i have to empty the entire contents of the kitchen and find some non existent space to put it all for the duration!!!!! ... i am sure it will be worth it, but why next week!

so as i should be packing up the kitchen into boxes, and i really cant be doing with it today, i did this instead :O)
I used the Indigo Mill October kit "Harvest Moon" that i an ashamed to say i have only just taken out of the package x

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