Monday, 25 February 2008

Fitness Freek

been out today to check out a local women only gym, looks really good and i so need to get back in shape...its all expanding from every angle!!!!!

this place is call curves and is all women members and machines and training program designed for women....think i might join...will keep you posted on haw it all goes.............oh and the weigh and measure you each month to see how your doing.....scary!!!!!!


Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Oh yes sweetheart, do keep us informed. We want progress reports please!

I keep meaning to start running again. I used to run long distances in my pre-kiddy life. I've bought the trainers, just not used them yet *blush*.

Maybe you will inspire me :-)

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

You have an award waiting for you on my blog hunny :-)

CindyBee said...

Looking forward to seeing how you go. Might be the motivation I need - got the shoes just haven't managed to organise the time!