Monday, 31 August 2009

Yipppeee ... Bank Holiday!!!!!!!

Well i have been up at the crack of dawn to get my CPD sent of to the Institute for Learning so that i didn't get struck off for missing the deadline!

With that done the next job on the list is have a grand sort out... where do you start!! i have so much junk in the craft room and more pressingly in the wardrobe... must get rid of stuff i don't use / don't ware then there would be room to store the stuff i do!

oh well i might just play with paper all day. i have finished off a couple of pages this morning...

this one used the Thickers given to me but the lovely Steph xxxx (much love and gratitude to you Steph) and i cut the "Cherish " with the new Slice.

This double page is based on a club kit design by Karen and is my cousins dog Christmas Last Year...such a well behaved animal


Deanne said...

craft sort out, it will take you more than a bank holiday honey ;) good luck with that :) xxxx wubs ya

nat said...

Agree with Dee on this one!! Good luck ;)
miss you