Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A Couple of Layouts... and Cake!!!!!

The perfect combo, craft and cake!

work was so slow today, the day just seemed to last forever! so to alleviate the boredom the boss and I went scrumping.... well she picked the apples and I stood a way back a safe distance from the wasps! So home from work to make Blueberry and Apple muffins, apple and Cinnamon muffins and blueberry and chocolate muffins... yummmm!

also finished off a couple of pages tonight (one that you cant see yet as is for the Indigo mill September kits... what a tease) and one that i started at the weekend.

On this page i have used the new toy I had for birthday... The Melting Pot... I coated a metal alpha with blue embossing powder for the enamel effect. this page is made with papers from an old kit (April in fact! I got told off for having an untouched kit from so far back lol!!!)

As i cant show you the other one, here is one i did at the weekend with bits from the June kit. i was half way through this page when i realised that it was a boy doggy and pink paper! But with the help of a few blue embellishments i think it will pass for a not so butch doggy!

by for now xx


Deanne said...

eh eh now come on hun, every man has a pink side too ;)
and those cupcakes look yummy :) xxx i will expect one in the post lol

Stephanie Parsloe said...

I think they can almost cure my Krispy Kreme addiction!! I finished off the whole box pretty much to myself!! :0

Great pages, I LOVE the pooch one, can't believe they all started off so pink!

Bring that melt pot next time!!

S x

Claire Wheatley said...

I adore that doggy layout, the blue embellies are subtle but jsut give an extra lift and a bit of boyishness lol - I thinkI might need to taste those muffins, hmm when you coming?

Claire Wheatley said...

thats a new word by the way JSUT! I often make my own :)