Sunday, 2 August 2009

Lazy Day no 2

Well yesterday i was very spoiled with loads of fab pressies from my fantastic hubby (fantastic when he is behaving himself anyway!!)
Not sure how i feel about birthdays, they don't seem to be as fun as they used to be and I always feel a bit sad and miss Dad. Sounds silly I know, but just opening a card from Mum and it not being from Mum and Dad makes me sad.

I did have a fab day, hubby took my out to lunch yesterday and I had flowers, chocies, jewellery, smellies and new craft tools to play with... what more could a girl want!! so today i have been having a go with the new toy ... a melting pot!!!.... just made a mess so far LOL so put to one side to do a lay out with some of the Indigo Mill stock Steph sent me. the Ruby Rock-it papers are SO beautiful both the vintage beauty and the kindred spirit ranges as so easy to work with, pop over to the shop and grab some while they're still in stock, you know you want to !!!

So I thought I would continue the birthday and have a lazy day today and play with paper x


Stephanie Parsloe said...

You are absolutely amazing sweetie, that is soooo gorgeous!!

Hope you had a great day yesterday, look forward to seeing / playing with meltpot!!

S x

Cass said...

Wow,that is fantabbydozie... sooo colourful.

Belated birthday greetings as well.


Deanne said...

ooh lubbly jubbly :) xx

nat said...