Sunday, 5 July 2009


It has been a bit of a week from hell! I have been training in Dorset for most of the week and I think I managed to find the only Premier Inn in the country that has no air conditioning!! It was nasty, as you walked into the corridor to the room you could feel the warmth of the air is you breathed it in, and of cause the Windows only opened an inch maximum. I thought I would have a shower to cool me down only to find as I got out that they had only given me one towel, pretty poor show really.

Then the room I had to teach in was so hot that it was cooler outside in the blazing sun, this being due to the fact that it was positioned above a laundry and a kitchen... oh what joy!

Hay ho, back home for the weekend and went with Mum and Auntie to sell some junk at the boot fair yesterday. We had a good day and managed to raise £116 (not bad for junk) and I made sure that I put on the sun block and even spent most of the day under my umbrella for some shade.... but yes I now have horrendous sun burn and in lots of pain, my face looks like I have been running! My forehead is on fire and my nose is looking ready for a comic relief event and I have a stonking head ache, GREAT!!!

Bring on the rain!!!!!!!!!!!


danemi1 said...

oh hun - that does not sound like fun - ble3ss ya - come and visit and come swimming in our pool - no we are not posh - but invested in one of those 12 by 12 easy up pools for the summer and it is fab - so come and visit and cool off here with us

btw - can you re add my link to your blog - its changed slightly so you wont be able to access me otherwise



danemi1 said...