Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Family Stories

I really wanted a project that I could use to record all the little family history stories that are passed on through the generations. I had a lot of photos that were not great quality but had stories to tell.

This Tattered Angles Glimmer mist kit was just the thing, and i used the glimmer mists to color some of the embellishments to match perfectly with the project. It did take some time to complete it but I think it was worth it in the end!


roxy said...

Beautiful book - love the whole retro feel of it, it is really lovely.

Deanne said...

oooh i remember seeing that :) looks gorgeous honey x

Anonymous said...

Do you have time to go to work or is it just a ploy and you spend all your time scrapping!!!!
love the book
see you soon

jackie said...

oh what a fanastic book, did u make the book urself, r can u buy one made up i would love to do something like that. take care lol jackie x

nat said...

Is that the one where you stamped all over your grandpa/uncles face?
It's really gorgeous!

silvercustard said...

Yes Nat ... this is the one that i stamped over Grandads face!!!!!

a very good reason not to scrap at 1am!!!!