Monday, 23 July 2007

Stepping into the brave new world of the Blog

well thought i might give this a go. i try to keep a journal but find when i pick it up to record an entry i discover that i haven't made one for years, i then try and catch up on the things i have missed and then give up again!! - very poor show.

suppose i ought to introduce the cats. first is "Fat Cass" she is eleven years old and very grumpy, then there is "Hairy Fairy" she's a bit mad and runs around bumping into doorways etc!, and the latest addition is "Johnny Rotten" he is a bit younger and like a hyperactive kid who is into everything and don't leave you alone. if i work out how to use this thing i will try and post some pictures.

work today not bad, i was training new staff on the induction course but i only had one student- so the day went quite quickly as there wasn't any of the usual arguments or should i say 'discussions'. we finished the day with a team meeting that followed the normal Patten ( talking in circles until we all lost the plot and gave up). i hate NVQ seems to be the company mantra now along with ' can we go home yet' and ' is it Friday'.

went to fat club tonight and lost 4lb (total now of 2st and 10lb) then had take-a-way, was very nice.

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