Wednesday, 25 July 2007

its the WEEKEND!!!!

yippee, the weekend at last! work (job number 2) begged me to work this weekend but I was strong, for a change, and said a firm NO.

no plans to do anything, might make some jam if I can find some jars. looking forward to doing nothing for a change. I thought that i would make the most of it before college stats again in September when i will have no time to write assignments etc.

had another argument with the neighbours again, shouted allot at one of them (ops) but it seems to have done the trick and they don't seem to be propping the security door open at the moment.

just been interrupted by work on the phone - pleading me to work - still said no as i always pick up the extra work and no one else ever bothers, feel a bit mean bit I need a break , job no.1 has been busy all week.

well think I'll go and make some Jam now.

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