Saturday, 8 May 2010

No Place Like Home

For someone who is not to great at the Journaling side of scrapping I have surprised myself!!!!!

I wrote a poem... yes a poem.... I don't do words, I do pictures!!!!!!!!!

Asked what you would do or where would you go,

if money on object and time was your own.

Would you travel in time to see loved ones lost,

or spend in the moment no matter the cost.

would you cross the ocean to an island of solace

or gather you friends and dear ones around,

to tell them you care or show them your proud

Do you wish for beauty or places or things,

or are you content with whatever life brings.

Do you long to be in a land far away,

where in the sunshine or showers you roam,

or do you like me truly believe, there really is...

No place like home xx


Mary B said...

Great page and a lovely poem well done on doing something you are not in the habit of doing

Nic said...

Fabulous Claire! Now how did that rhyme go? - you are a poet and you didn't know it! ;-) Well done you!xx