Saturday, 20 March 2010

Bithday Bash Blog Hop

First of all we have to say a big happy birthday to Rebekah, so all together now... Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you........

Well I hope that everyone that has joined the blog hop this weekend had been totally inspired, and made some great stuff, and boy there were some fantastic projects... so many ideas so little time!!!

I hope you have saved some of that creative spark to have a go at this little project, I know we are at the bottom of the time table, but then you always save the best till last ! LOL !!!

So here is you penultimate project of the weekend.......

7 Gypsies Beer Mat Mini Book
I used

10 beer mats (found at the local pub!)
7 Gypsies 6x6 paper pad - Venice
7 Gypsies Gaffer Tape - Venice
7 Gypsies Paper Tape - Venice
Stickles - Cinnamon, Copper, Gunmetal
Paint Dabber - Mushroom
various Rub-ons
to embellish -File name holder, feather, a few Buttons, odd bits of ribbon

Place two mats side by side and cover with paper ensuring that the paper covers the join in the mats as this will form the hinge of the page. As my mats are 3.5" square and paper is only 6x6, I used the portion of the paper left over to cover the strip on the edge of each double page. The best glue for this is wet glue as it stiffens up the page when it drys, whatever glue you used it needs to cover the mat completely to avoid bubbles in the pages, Glue sticks work well too but you will use a lot of it!!

Repeat this for all the mats so that you now have 5 double pages covered one side. Tidy up the edges of each page, a piece of sandpaper works well for this.

Take two double pages and fold each in half, covered side to covered side. Now place these side by side with the hinge in the center and cover as before to join the pages together.

Repeat this step until all pages are hinged together, and all inside pages are covered.

When all inside pages are covered use the paint dabber to cover the edges of the pages, you can use an ink pad if you prefer, this will help to tidy up the edges and coordinate the pages in the book. Be careful not to stick the pages together with the paint!!!

For the front and back cover I layered the scraps that were left over from covering the pages of the book.

To strengthen the hinge cover the spine with Gaffer tape, using two lengths side by side and overlapping to give a wider strong bonding edge.

The book is now ready for you to embellish as you please and to fill with your journaling and photos.

I used 7 Gypsies paper tape, loads of rub-ons (all the odd bits left over from other projects) and stickles are great to add that bit of bling that every project needs !!

This book is all about my Aunt who is 70 later this year, and the photos of her life till now.... so what do you think she's getting for her birthday LOL!! I hope she likes it, and I hope you do too and feel inspired to have a go at making a beer mat book yourself, please leave a comment and a link to your project if you do have a go ...and most of all have fun xx

Well that's nearly the end of the blog hop and the weekend, one more blog to go and that's Anna so hop over there now and end on a high!!!

If at any point you get lost or just want to revisit anyone you can find all the links over on Rebekah's blog, happy crafting xx


rebekah22 said...

Claire, it looks stunning finished! Thank you so much for taking part x

Deanne said...

this is beautiful claire thank you for sharing, cant wait to try this one xxx

Anonymous said...

Love, love LOVE this! Will definitely be giving this a go! Just need beer mats! Love thoase papers and tapes too! I have been making my own printed tape so will be able to use that. Thanks for sharing!

misteejay said...

This is fab - love those colours. Something to save and have a play with.

Toni :o)

Biskit said...

This is beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.

Right - beer mats, think that means a trip to the pub then!

Tracie said...

wow! this looks great! Have got loads of beer mats already (so don't even need to go to the pub first - although.....) will definitely be doing this one!!

Thanks Claire!! x

Helena said...

This project is beautiful. And now I know what to do with all those beer mats:)

elina said...

you have done an amazing project out of nothing!! i will definately try it!! thank you so much for sharing!

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Oooo this is gorgeous!!!
Thanks for sharing :D
Julie xx

vixen said...

Wow I love this class and definantly going to attempt it. I have some coasters and papers in a little kit that ive been desperate to use and feel very inspired. Thankyou
from Tracey x

Jimjams said...

Just gorgeous - what a lovely tribute!

stitchstickandsew said...

As usual Claire you know what I am going to say "I hate you " (not really for anyone who does not know how well we get on)
Love it will be doing one with my beermats from Indigo Mill

kmassman said...

LOVE this book! Combines my librarian degree and my love of papercrafts!!!

glorygirl said...

What a great idea! Never would have guessed what the base of this project was! AWESOME!

Tammy said...

What a beautiful ending to this project....I love 7 gypsies stuff and it sure made this look awesome...great tutorial as well.

Jenny said...

Drool droolity drool! That is absolutely gorgeous. Will have to raid the pub for beer mats... good excuse for a pub crawl too ^_^

Jenny said...

lovely project and such a good idea with the beer mats x

Ellis said...

This was a great idea, wonder where all my collected beer mats are! =)

Hugs, Elenor

Audrey Yeager said...

This album is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Maria McPherson said...

Wow this is stunning! Love it!!!

CouponAngel said...

this is so cute. i will have to hit the pubs soon to start my collection. Thanks for sharing.

GrammaR said...

What a great book! I need to make one of my granddaughter and carry it with me.

Helen said...

what a wonderful mini-book!! I so love this!!

G S P Crafts said...

Great idea, just love your mini book