Sunday, 18 October 2009

Total madness!!!!!!!

Every year our church has a "Road Show" competition between all the local branches in the area, each branch has to write and perform a short play / skit in front of everyone and a panel of judges to compete for the prestigious title of Best Road Show !!!!!

and if you think that sounds mad you should see some of the shows! (bearing in mind that we only get a couple of weeks to write, cast, rehearse, make costumes and put on the show... all with a non existent budget and not very many willing volunteers- think school show in a rush.
Well this year we came second, and can i just say ...WE WERE ROBBED!!! we lost a couple of points on some very picky technicalities and lost by 2.5 points ....but we had fun and better luck next time ( watch out Ashford we'll beet you next year!)

so here are a few picks of the evening .... don't ask me to explain the plot (not to sure there was one LOL)

...oh and i have to mention that my little nice (who would never have made a ballet dancer!) had a part doing Irish dancing which she loves, and i could have cried she was so cute and the audience loved her, she was beaming with joy and lapping it all up ...arrrrr she is the one that looks like a strawberry in her bright red dress...go girl xxx
And yes that is a break dancing lobster!!!!!!!!!

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Deanne said...

0 - k !!! ;) breakdancing lobster eh!