Monday, 6 April 2009

Fun with the mad people!!!

We had a design team weekend in Kings Lynn this weekend, what fun!!

As always it was great to all meet up and have a jolly good time, not to mention the non stop crafting, and laughing.

Thanks girls for a brill time, you're all great! But a special thanks to Steph for all the stash and Marie for the house space and food xx

here are a few picks of the madness!!!!!!!!!!

Rosie showing her R's

has that d been printed back to front?

Fantastic friends.... missing you already xx


Deanne said...

Less of the back to front Clare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) fab photos from a fab weekend, loved it lol missing you all too already x

Deanne said...

ps trust rosie to have her butt in the piccy ;) x

danemi1 said...

great piccies - looking forward to the next meet-up - promise to be a bit chirpier next time too lol!

Missing you all



sewsimple said...

Missing you all as well it is so quiet here with just Mike and myself no letters back to front or liquid food or rosie's RS.
Rumour has is I am sharing with Claire on the retreat wont that be nice for us Claire!!!