Saturday, 21 March 2009


Tonight is Mums retirement party, marking the end of 20 years in the Ambulance service. I tend to get a bit sentimental at times and I think today is one of those times!

I look back and remember when Mum did her training, the parties, the stories, the jokes.. not all of them clean!, the dispute in the 1980's, the Air Ambulance crash, how the guys from the station helped us all when Dad was ill in hospital, good times and bad.

I cant help but think about how she should be enjoying her retirement with Dad by her side,but it wasn't meant to be xx I will miss him tonight and no doubt Mum will too, but now's not the time to show it so I hope I can be strong and help celebrate and remember the good not the bad.

Apparently I am in charge of the drinking money for everyone... as I don't drink and no doubt by 830 I will be the only responsible (sober) adult on the premises...LOL

well off to put on the glad rags :O)

This is what I have done as a gift.... didn't know what to get xx


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Congratulations to your mum on her retirement. May it be long, healthy and happy Claire.

I think your LOVE montage is a fantastic pressie for her and one she'll cherish.

Don't forget your camera for lots of piccies of the drunken bums! hehe ;-)


Stephanie Parsloe said...

Claire that is beautiful, she'll love it. I can totally understand how you will feel tonight, and how your mum will feel too. It'll be emotional, but you will have a fantastic time.

Can't wait to see the piccies

Have fun, and he'll be there with you all, proud as punch in spirit

Steph xx

pinkpuppy said...

Congratulations to your mum! hope the party went well and you all had a fantastic time, i am sure your dad is very proud of you all and was there to see the party too x

The love picture is a lovely idea and she will love it!

Tasha said...

This creation is a wonderful pressie its fab
love tasha xx

danemi1 said...

Hope it all went well hun - bet she loved her pressie!