Wednesday, 2 July 2008

More SHOES!!!!!!!!!

As you can see from the red page on the last post i love love love my shoes!!!.... Well i have been led astray today by one of my NVQ students (you know who you are :O) temped by the offer of a bargin in lakeland... all craft items massively reduced.... i had to have a shopping trip on the way home from work.

Well yes I did spend more cash on stuff I don't need in lakeland, but worse than that I popped into a shop to get some new work shoes, that are desperately these look like work shoes!!!! I think not!!!!

I ended up with FOUR pairs of shoes, a bag of craft stash, and some smelly candles from The Pier.....expensive afternoon!!!

Well Johnny likes the boxes.


...::Airian::... said...

OMG! Cute shoes and CAT! Love the shoes though... :]

Jules said...

Oh well, you got a bed for Johnny for free, bargain!


Cazzy said...

Wow, I can only wear flatties, not even normal ones only Earth ones!

Glad Johnny likes the box! That was the best bargain!

tiggertastic said...

Ohhhhhhhhh NEW SHOES!!!

They are so pretty

Sarah xx

Louly said...

LOL, love the shoes!
Johnny is soooo cute!

Sequin Bead said...

Lovely soes, what a great shop you had darlin'. Great snuggly bed for johnny too x